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MOOH is a premium domain name company that specializes in short brandable and acronym domain names. In many cases, short abbreviated names have become more popular then full names. What does AOL stand for? How about GE? These acronyms have become so ubiquitous that they are all people know. Most importantly, they have propelled the companies behind them to great levels of popularity.

Research shows domain names with 7 or less characters receive the highest traffic. If a domain name is 10 characters long, traffic drops by 7%. In other words, each extra character leads to 2% less traffic.  You can see the problem if you own RockYourPipesPlumbingService.com

Long domain names simply won’t do in this age of competing brands, short attention spans and increasingly small screens. Don’t even think of using a hyphen to make your winding domain name more brandable. Studies have found a slide in a website’s ranking if it used a hyphen in its URL. There is only one way to improve the aesthetics of your domain name and in turn, drive up brand exposure and loyalty: by shortening your URL.

Some benefits of choosing a short or acronym domain name

1. Customers Find It Easier to Remember

People get bombarded with tons of information online every day. Even a 30-second scroll of your Facebook feed and you already know the biggest news of the day, what your cousin wore to the party, who is getting hitched and what your coworkers are up to. To cope with this glut, people process information incredibly fast.

Your Deweyandcopelandheating.com domain will get lost in the midst of other shorter and more memorable domain names. A DCHeating.com URL would serve you much better. Even the government used acronym domains. Most government agencies opt for domain name acronyms that people can remember easily. The Food and Drug Administration uses FDA.gov, the United States Department of Agriculture uses USDA.gov and you can find the Environmental Protection Agency at EPA.com.

Considering the millions of citizens who use their online services, having an easy-to-remember domain name is essential. One other advantage of a memorable domain name is that your customers are more likely to recommend it to friends. You cannot tell your friends about that online shoe store whose name you cannot remember. Neither can your customers.

2. Customers Find It Easier to Type and Pronounce

A lot more people than ever before are using smartphones to browse the internet. With the tiny keyboards on their smartphones, typos are easy to make. So even if some in your target market know your long and tedious domain name, you could be easily losing them to competitors or error pages through misspelled URLs.

There is also another technology development that should make you rethink your 15-character domain name. Voice-based interfaces are becoming more common as smart assistants take over our devices. There is Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. As people increasingly use their voice to interact with smartphones and other devices, the brand names that will come out on top are those that are short and easy to pronounce. People are not going to tell Siri to book a night at Southwestmidlandhotel.com when there are other hotels with shorter, more memorable and easier to pronounce domain names.

One of the best ways to evaluate your domain name is to get into your customers’ shoes. See it, say it and type it from their perspective. If you have to depend on autocomplete to type your domain name faster, it’s time to switch to something shorter.

3. You Brand Will Be Easily Recognizable Online

Online brand exposure has become a leading marketing strategy for businesses. Even local businesses no longer rely on just foot traffic to acquire new customers. Being seen online by as many potential customers as possible is goal driving digital marketing trends. Few website owners consider how their domain names affect their exposure. Remember that today’s online audience has been primed for quick and fast. Your long domain name will disappear amidst other search results on Google. On social media, where catchy hashtags drive conversations, your brand may as well be hiding under a rock.

Look at the domain names of some of the biggest online powerhouses: Google.com, Amazon.com, MSN.com, Twitter.com, Apple.com and many others. They all have one thing in common – short and snappy names that are not only easy on the lips but also on the eyes.

4. You Brand Will Have a Global Reach

Ever heard of a company named Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft AG? What about Vneshtorgbank? These are two multinational companies that are better known using their shorter names. The first is AEG (aeg.com), a German electronics company and the second is VTB (vtb.com), a multinational bank based in Russia.

In both cases, they have been able to cross borders with a universally understood brand name. Short and acronym domain names do not have the language and cultural barriers common in longer names. If you ever find yourself needing to go international, expansion will be much easier.

What If I Already Have a Great Domain Name?

Even if you have a domain name that is working perfectly for you, we highly recommend you also purchase the acronym or shorter version of it. There are some big brands that have done this. Facebook paid $8.5 million for FB.com. British Airways also uses BA.com, American Airlines can be accessed through AA.com and The New York Times also uses the domain name NYT.com.

There are several advantages to registering your name’s acronym. One, it provides an easier way for your customers to access your website. Two, it ensures you are not asked to cough up millions later when you realize you need it for your growing brand.

Recent Domain Sales

SUMO.com sold for $1,500,00 –  January 2017
SNAP.com sold for $5,000,000 – January 2017
VIVO.com sold for $2,100,000 – October 2016
WAVE.com sold for $420,000 – August 2016
RATE.com sold for $725,000 – May 2016
JADE.com sold for $1,250,000 – February 2016